Everyone has problems, everyone fights their own battles every single day. Not everyone is the same, and I’m here to tell you your not alone! The world is filled with people who look at themselves every single day in the mirror and just wish it could be all over. Some who can’t even look at themselves because the world has made them feel not only alone but like they are some kind of disease that can’t be cured. No one person’s problems are the same, what seems like a mountain to you may seem like a pebble to someone else and vice versa. The point is we are all fighting a battle and I’m here to say you can win the war, there is light in your darkness, you are NOT alone. We are a little psychotic, we are all a little crazy. Some more than others but hey who are we to judge.? I can’t and I want to be here for anyone who needs me. So I’m Raven I’m a whole lot of psychotic, I have anxiety and depression and plenty of other things so if you think you can relate to anything I blog or just need someone who might just for once understand, shoot me an email, make a comment, reach out I’m here for YOU! ravenanonymous60@yahoo.com <– My personal email just for those in need.


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